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PCBA Automated Optical Inspection
  • PCBA Automated Optical InspectionPCBA Automated Optical Inspection

PCBA Automated Optical Inspection

Hitech as the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality PCBA Automated Optical Inspection. PCBA Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is a technology used in the manufacturing process of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies to automatically inspect and identify defects or anomalies in the soldering and component placement.

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Product Description

High quality PCBA Automated Optical Inspection is offered by China manufacturer Hitech.  AOI systems utilize advanced optical imaging techniques and computer algorithms to analyze the PCBs and identify any deviations from the expected design or quality standards. These systems are capable of inspecting various aspects of the PCBA, including solder joints, component presence and alignment, polarity, and other visual defects.

The process of PCBA AOI typically involves the following steps:

Image Acquisition: High-resolution cameras capture images of the PCBA at various angles and lighting conditions.

Image Processing: The acquired images are processed using specialized software that enhances the contrast, removes noise, and extracts relevant features.

Defect Detection: The processed images are compared with the expected design specifications or reference images to identify any deviations or defects. This includes checking for missing components, misaligned components, tombstoning, lifted leads, solder bridging, insufficient or excessive solder, and other soldering anomalies.

Defect Classification: Detected defects are classified based on their severity and impact on the functionality and reliability of the PCBA. This helps prioritize and determine the necessary corrective actions.

Reporting and Analysis: The AOI system generates detailed reports and statistics about the inspected PCBAs, including defect types, quantities, and locations. This information aids in process improvement and quality control.

PCBA AOI offers several advantages in the manufacturing process, including:

Speed and Efficiency: AOI systems can rapidly inspect PCBAs, significantly reducing inspection time compared to manual methods.

Accuracy and Consistency: The automated inspection process eliminates human error and ensures consistent and reliable results.

Cost Savings: AOI reduces the need for manual inspection and rework, minimizing labor costs and improving overall production efficiency.

Process Optimization: The collected data and reports from AOI systems can be used to identify trends, improve manufacturing processes, and prevent recurring defects.

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