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PCB Characteristic


The reason why PCB is more and more widely used is that it has many unique advantages, roughly as follows:

High density
Over the years, the high density of the printing board has been able to develop accordingly with the improvement of integrated circuit integration and the advancement of installation technology.

High reliability
Through a series of technical means such as inspection, testing, and aging tests, the PCB can work for a long time (generally 20 years) and reliably work.

The requirements of various performance (electrical, physical, chemistry, machinery, etc.) of PCB can be achieved by designing standardization and standardization. This design time is short and efficient.

PCB adopts modern management, which can achieve standardization, scale (quantitative), and automated production, thereby ensuring the consistency of product quality.

Established a relatively complete test method and test standards, which can be detected and identified the qualifications and service life of PCB products through various test equipment and instruments.

PCB products are not only convenient for various components for standardized assembly, but also can be automated and large -scale production. In addition, the overall assembly of PCB with other components can also form larger components and systems until the whole machine.

Because PCB products and various component assembly are produced in standardized design and large -scale production, these components are also standardized. Therefore, once the system fails, it can be replaced quickly, conveniently, and flexibly to quickly restore the work of the system.

There are other advantages of PCB, such as miniaturizing the system, lightweight, and signal transmission high.
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