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The role and application of PCB


1. The role of PCB

In order to avoid errors of artificial wiring; automatic installation, welding, and detection; ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic machine products; improving labor productivity, reducing production costs; convenient maintenance and other effects. Therefore, the printing circuit board (PCB) is used in the electronic machine equipment. Specifically, the following three main functions

1. Provide parts welding and welding graphics; PCB provides welding graphics for components welding to provide parts maintenance, provides identification character inspection, and installation;
2. The role of wire link parts; PCB realizes electrical connection or electrical insulation between various parts to provide the required electrical characteristics, such as signal transmission and characteristics of high -frequency microwave;
3. The role of supporting parts; provides all parts (such as resistance, integrated circuits, capacitors, etc.) assembly and fixed mechanical support.

Second, the use of PCB

PCB (printing circuit board) is very extensive in terms of use. It can be used in almost all electronic devices for mobile phones, computer mouses, and large use of cars and rockets. But it is mainly divided into the following range of use:

1. Computer and peripheral products: display, host, server, mouse, etc.;
2. Communication products: mobile phones, home landlines, satellites, etc.;
3. Consumer electronics: refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioning, etc.;
4. Industrial products: punching machine, motor, etc.;
5. Facten: military weapons, rockets, etc.
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