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Printed circuit boards are divided into several types of printed circuit boards and integrated circuit boards


rinted Circuit Board (Printed Circuit Board, referred to as PCB) is a kind of electronic components, chips and other components connected to form a circuit, and the use of printing process to manufacture an electronic component. According to the application field and shape structure and other factors, PCB can be divided into a variety of different types.

1. Classification of printed circuit boards
Common printed circuit boards can be classified according to their role in electronic devices, such as motherboards, display circuit boards, and mobile phone battery management circuit boards. In addition, it can also be divided into hard plates and soft plates according to different materials.

2. The difference between printed circuit boards and integrated circuit boards
Printed circuit boards and integrated circuit boards are both essential components in electronic components, but they have obvious differences in practical applications.

The printed circuit board mainly realizes the function of circuit, that is, connecting and fixing various electronic components. The integrated circuit board not only has the function of circuit interconnection, but also can integrate complex digital, analog and other circuit systems, and store, manage and process programs and data through a graphical operation interface.
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